Illustrate Your Imagination


Welcome to OZ HQ

That’s short for Orphazyme Headquarters. In our not-so-secret fortress, we work hard to help spread our core values of courage, perseverance, care, and integrity throughout our community. And today, we need your help.

Your Mission

Thanks for being a real-life superhero! We know every day brings something new, and you always stand up to the challenge. During Global Niemann-Pick Disease Awareness Month 2020, you showed everyone your strength. Today, the world needs more superheroes to share their stories of bravery, determination, kindness, and honesty.

Create your comic strip and submit it at any time. Everything you need is in this special kit!

comic examples
  1. 1 Download your kit
  2. 2 Print out the pages
  3. 3 Draw your super story
  4. 4 Take pictures of the pages
    • Lay your pages on a flat surface
    • Use natural light instead of your flash
    • Try to have the page fill your entire screen
    • Make sure everything is in focus
  5. 5 Take a picture of yourself with your comic
  6. 6 Email your pictures
    • Click the link above
    • Please agree to the consent form by checking the box and clicking “Submit”
    • Attach your photos to the pre-populated email that will automatically launch

The Goal

Once all our superheroes submit their stories, we’re going to make an amazing collection of comics that anyone can download. So be sure to bookmark this site (and mark your calendars) so you can come back and see all the awesome adventures waiting for you.

Thank you, superheroes!

We can’t accomplish this important mission without you. So think of your stories, sharpen your crayons, and have a super fun time creating your comics!